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Welcome Traders

We are an Atlanta Area Forex Traders Meetup Group that welcomes all traders from beginners to advanced. This Club and Meetup group is about Trading currency[1] by using Mechanical Trading Systems.[2]

Our classes and webinars are conducted by persons who have been trading successfully for the last 10+ years, and teaching traders like you for the same 10+ years at different Meetup locations, Local libraries, Kennesaw State University, and Emory University.

We are currently hosting 3 webinars each week (schedule below) to cover our most successful systems which include:

TenPips Trading Strategies

  • Fibonacci
  • Elliott Wave
  • Price Action
  • Divergence
  • RobinHood

Additional Tools

  • Currency Strength Meter
  • How to Use MT4 Platform

These systems are designed for Beginners as well as Advanced traders. We use 5 Min, 30 Min, & 1 hr charts to accommodate all kinds of trading for 11 different currency pairs during London as well as New York Sessions.

So, come on and join us to be the Most Successful Trader You Want to be!

Please click the following link 10 minutes before the event:

Webinar Schedule

Sat10:00amTenPips Systems
Mon8:00pmRepeat from Sat
Tue8:00pmSpecial Topics


  1. Also known as forex trading or simply fx (foreign exchange). ↩︎

  2. In mid 1983, famous commodities trader Richard Dennis was having an ongoing dispute with his long time friend Bill Eckhardt about weather great traders are born or made .Richard believed that he could teach any body to become a great trader. In order to settle this matter, Richard suggested that they recruit and train some people and give them actual accounts to trade to see which one of them was correct. They took out a large ad advertising positions for trading apprentices in Barron’s, the WSJ and NY Times. The ad stated that after a brief training session, the trainees would be supplied with an account to trade. Out of over 1000, applications he interviewed about 80 applicants and selected 10 and he added 3 more people he knew to his list. The trainees were called “Turtles.” The selection of trainees was from all sorts of life, from elementary school teacher to security guard and even a fresh high school graduate .They were invited to Chicago for two weeks training at the end of 1983. They began to trade in 1984 with real money. The turtles became the most famous experiment in trading history because over the next four years, they earned an average annual compound rate of return of 80%. Yes, Richard proved that with a simple set of rules any person with no or little experience in trading can become a very successful TRADER. ↩︎

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